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Elfab celebrate by winning company of year 2014.
4 Nov 2014

Elfab named Company of the Year 2014

Elfab’s achievements over the last year have been recognized by prestigious trade publication Industrial Process News.

Following its Company of the Month Award in July, Elfab’s contribution to the process safety industry has now landed it the magazine’s more prestigious title of Company of the Year for 2014.

Elfab not only offers some of the most technically advanced products on the market, it also leads the way in providing excellent customer service and industry-best lead times. This can be accredited to its lean manufacturing processes, state of the art in-house machining capabilities and trained workforce.

As a manufacturer of rupture discs, explosion vents and associated detection systems, Elfab’s products offer protection from potentially disastrous, life-threatening explosions in many different industries Worldwide. Elfab has shown significant year-on-year growth over the last 10 years and has clear plans to continue this success over the coming years. Led by manufacturing specialists, the company’s strengths lie in its process efficiency improvement and manufacturing excellence to develop superior products that are patent protected.

It is for these reasons that Elfab continues to gain recognition across the Globe as a major player within its field.

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