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5 Jul 2017

Avoid costly heat and energy loss with Elfab’s thermally insulated explosion panel

Pressure management experts, Elfab, have enhanced its product range further by offering an explosion panel with integral thermal insulation. For many safety critical applications, it is critical the temperature and energy within the vessels are maintained making Elfab’s thermal insulation panel an obvious choice as it combines reliable explosion protection with enhanced safety and performance characteristics.

In diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines for example, explosion panels are often used to protect equipment from the potential damage caused by the combustion of unburned gases in the exhaust system rather than in the combustion chamber. High temperature exhaust gases provide a volatile process environment that makes alternative technologies such as relief valves less suitable due to their potential for failure due to vibration and corrosion. Elfab’s thermal panels, in latest domed construction, are static devices designed to cope with the harshest of environments protecting people and equipment from potentially dangerous and costly explosions.

Traditional explosion panels are conductive, hence, allow the critical heat and energy to escape from the vessel while being potentially harmful to workers. If touched, hence aren’t suitable for every application. Elfab developed a technically superior, thermally insulted domed explosion panel to its already industry-leading venting range to offer an explosion vent suitable to a wider range of customers and applications. Elfab’s thermal explosion vent is a single product solution ensuring minimal space required while reducing ongoing purchasing costs. By offering integral insulation, burst detection can also be offered just like any other panel in Elfab’s range, giving instantaneous notification of panel burst.

To support with thermal calculations, Elfab have developed an in-house tool to provide the best solution for your venting requirements in high temperature applications.