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24 Feb 2017

Importance of using rupture discs in combination with burst detection systems in hazardous environments

The last 50 years have seen a complete overhaul of risk and hazard management, with most companies and industry sectors adopting a more advanced safety culture. Pressure relief experts; Elfab Limited have over 80 years’ experience manufacturing rupture discs and burst detection systems for hazardous applications and industries.

Using burst detection alongside rupture discs is critical in order to quickly identify when a disc has burst. With years of experience and technical understanding of a wide range of industries and applications, Elfab developed an Exd-approved detection system, “Flo-Tel XD”; an industry-first product, providing a fail-safe, instantaneous notification of rupture disc burst within arduous enclosures.

Elfab recognised by developing its existing Flo-Tel burst detection system and supplying it with an XD enclosure, installation could be improved and costs could be reduced further. An Exd-rated enclosure makes the rupture disc detection system less susceptible to the environment, ensuring continuous reliable operation over the longer-term periods.

Flo-Tel XD is ATEX-approved and re-usable, as only the disc needs replacing upon burst. Organisations can benefit from the shutdown of a process in the event of a disc burst to reduce any potential damage.