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26 Jul 2017

Pressure relief manufacturer showcased its technically advanced products at Offshore Europe 2017

– Elfab demonstrated how its latest products and services can offer significant cost savings and operational efficiency –

UK-based manufacturer, Elfab Ltd, have over 80 years’ pressure management experience working with a range of blue-chip organisations across the globe offering a full range of pressure relief solutions including rupture discs, explosion vents, and associated detection systems.

As health and safety is becoming an increasing concern within the Oil and Gas sector, and industry in general, businesses are becoming increasingly aware of ensuring health and safety procedures are up to the highest possible standards. Due to such growing industry concerns, Elfab has enhanced its range of fail-safe pressure relief solutions to offer advanced products to support with changing demands. Elfab has further developed its industry leading reverse-acting technology, offering a unique 3% tolerance and improved 97% operating ratio, allowing its customers to improve efficiencies and throughput by pushing processes harder and closer to the marked burst pressure without affecting process conditions. This technology, in turn, contributes to a longer operational life as its increased performance characteristics will withstand harsher cycling conditions, while reducing replacement schedules; offering significant cost savings.

Improving onsite safety by eliminating human factors is another important factor for industry, hence the need for reliable pressure relief and detection. Elfab have developed a range of pressure relief accessories to eliminate human error factors such as discs been fitted incorrectly or damaged during installation. A range of installation tools have been developed in order to continue to improve maintenance schedules and ensure discs are fitted correctly. With notification of burst being extremely crucial, Elfab offer a non-invasive, ATEX approved burst detection system which provides an instantaneous notification of burst offering significant cost savings to customers as after rupturing, the disc is the only element to be replaced; eliminating expensive re-wiring costs and maintenance planning. As safety is becoming more and more of a concern, the need for a reliable burst detection system is critical specifically in the oil and gas industry. As the Oil & Gas sector has seen a significant downturn, Elfab recognise that saving costs and maintenance time is crucial.

Elfab have the capability of newly offering an RFID rupture disc installation system, specifically designed to ensure the correct disc is installed in the correct tag location point. Each rupture disc will be uniquely coded to the installation point by Elfab before despatch, further enhancing onsite safety and contributing to a reduction in human error events.

The online digital revolution is also playing a large influential role in today’s market; hence an increase in online interactive tools being readily available. Launching its very own online engineering portal to make the buyer and engineering process more efficient, Elfab now offer a wide range of services in addition to its advanced product range. Its advantages include sizing calculations, online ordering and the ability to track goods from manufacturing through to despatch. Its free online portal already plays a pivotal role in saving time for the consumer, by simplifying the entire product selection and order process.

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