Ultra Opti-Gard (UOP)

Ultra Opti-Gard (UOP)

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Elfab’s Ultra-High Pressure Opti-Gard Reverse Acting Disc specifically designed for mud pump systems

As part of Elfab’s leading Opti-Gard range, Ultra OP is a high-pressure reverse acting rupture disc solution, specifically designed to protect the mud pump from potentially damaging over-pressurisation situations in aggressive drilling applications. The disc assembly can be used in a fixed pump saver or as a hammer union fitment.  The mud pump is a crucial piece of machinery in the process of drilling for oil, any stoppage of the pump caused by failure of a key component can result in costly downtime. High performance uptime is essential due to the severe operating conditions and costs of the drilling routine; making this solution a valid and cost-effective alternative to valves.

The Ultra OP rupture disc offers:

  • Accurate burst pressure protection with performance characteristics technically superior to forward acting discs.
  • Holderless design
  • Compatibility with most manufacturers mud pump relief systems
  • Rapid change out times
  • Fail-safe installation
  • Innovative design
  • Simple replacement of disc eliminating the need for a team of people or special tools for completion
  • Non-fragmenting design ensuring no potential damage to the pump saver in event of disc burst

Simple Rupture Disc replacement in aggressive drilling applications

Pump savers require reliable and fail-safe pressure relief systems to avoid sudden failure and potential costly downtime in the event of damage to the pump during the drilling operation. Ultra OP uses leading reverse acting rupture disc technology, reducing the impact of premature burst due to fatigue.  High pressure, reverse acting discs such as Elfab’s Ultra OP, include a single metal membrane, together with an innovative support ring making them a virtually maintenance free non-fragmenting design.

Unlike valves, where parts can easily be damaged; switching to reverse acting rupture discs will not only improve investment and cost of the project but also improve overall production efficiency. Maintenance, change-out and downtime of valves within this particular application can be extremely costly making a rupture disc a valid alternative to the traditional solution.

Variety of sizes and burst pressure ranges available

Available in a range of sizes and materials from 1” – 4” (25-100mm), Ultra OP offers reliable rupture disc burst capability up to 700barg. The disc also features a 3% tolerance and a 90% operating ratio across the range, making this rupture disc an industry leading reliable solution in even the most aggressive drilling applications.

Custom Design Service  

With Elfab’s custom design service, we can adapt our reverse acting disc technology to fit the internal geometry of your device. For further information, please contact us.


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