Emergency Vents & Manhole Cover

Emergency Vents & Manhole Cover

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Emergency relief from overpressure

Elfab’s emergency vents are designed to provide emergency venting in the event of fire and relief due to over pressure from inside the tank. Suitable for various media’s and applications, they are designed to operate during a fire condition to open and relieve pressure build-up in a tank.

Providing high capacity pressure relief, the emergency vent helps prevent product vapour loss close to the set point whilst preventing tank damage. Available in carbon steel or stainless steel as standard, the venting requirements are calculated using API2000. In cases of a tank been exposed to a large-scale fire, weight loaded hinged arm designs are available to cope with these stringent conditions.

Only solution to protect against fire heat

Sized to provide emergency relief due to overpressure from the tank inside. This normally happens when internal pressure is beyond the capacity of the breather vent.

Dependent on the valve size, our emergency vent can also be used as a “manhole” cover (sizes 20” & 24”) to provide emergency venting capacity in the event of a fire. This serves very well as an emergency vent, as the cover sits flush on its seat providing a longer life-span and reduced maintenance costs.

In the event of a fire, the cover lifts at a pre-determined pressure contributing to a large venting area. A perfect tightness is provided by a seal ring.


– Corrosion resistant
– Protection against fire-heat overpressure
– Low emissions
– Pressure range/control
– Easy maintenance
– High flow rates
– Manhole design available
– Different models available upon your request

Application Use:

– Low pressure storage tanks (Maintenance & Cleaning purposes)
– Floating roof tanks


In partnership with FNC. 

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Size Range 10″ – 20″ – 24″ as standard (others may be available on request)
Construction Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel (additional metals and coating)
Set Pressure +30mbar max
Flange Ratings ANSI 150, PN10, PN16 as standard (others may be available on request)