Gauge Hatches

Gauge Hatches

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Combination of technology

Gauge hatches allow for hands-free operation and easy access to storage tanks. Elfab provide sealed closing hatches, designed for easy access for sampling and inspection purposes, whilst keeping the pressure inside the tank when closed. Gauge Hatches are generally installed on tanks where volatile liquids are stored.

Supplied in Aluminium as standard, but with Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel also available upon request.

Storage Tank – Accessibility

Gauge Hatches allow easy accessibility. They can be opened when required to carry out product sampling, manual level gauging or temperature measurement. Some of our designs allows for hands-free operation with the use of a foot pedal to eliminate direct contact.

Elfab provide a wide range of constructions dependent on the specific application and accessibility levels that is required. Special gauge hatch designs can be supplied on request. For example, our gauge hatches can be secured with a padlock in order to prevent unauthorised access and human error occurrences which is crucial in hazardous environments.


– Liquid storage tanks
– Low temperature processes
– Volatile and hazardous enclosures
– Low pressure tanks


– Wide pressure range capability
– Wide material construction
– Minimises vapour leakage
– Provides a water tight seal
– Prevents leakage and evaporation loss
– Suitable for arduous operating conditions

Common applications:

Protection against:

– Burners
– Stacks
– Incinerators
– Flares
– Vapours Recovery
– Loading and unloading station
– Engines
– Fan
– Compressors
– Pumps

*Additional materials available upon request.


In partnership with FNC. 

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Size Range 4″ – 8″
Construction Aluminium
Flange Ratings ANSI 150LB – PN16
Flange Faces FF
Connections Flanged