Purpose, Values and Behaviours

Protecting Life. Solutions for a safer, cleaner world.

This is our Purpose. We aim to achieve it through an absolute focus on safety and exceptional quality, working in partnership with you to provide the innovative, customised solutions you need to meet and exceed your operational objectives.

As a pressure safety company operating in Halma’s Process Safety Sector, we understand the paramount importance of preventing catastrophic process failures resulting from overpressure events. Our primary focus is to provide you with pressure safety solutions that will reliably save lives and protect assets throughout your pressure vessels and pressure systems.

Our Purpose is supported by six Values and Behaviours that describe the attitudes and actions we believe help make Oseco-Elfab a great place to work and a leader in innovation.


Empowerment: We entrust decision making to our people, developing capabilities within teams and individually.

Diversity and inclusion: Everybody has unique strengths and perspectives, embracing these delivers higher performance.

Winning together: Through teamwork and collaboration with our co-workers, customers and partners we all win together.

Challenging the status quo: Current state is not future state, improvement is a shared responsibility for all.

Learning: Curiosity drives innovation, development is an iterative process.

Customer focus: Customers, both internal and external, are at the centre of all we do.


Treat others as they want to be treated: We understand that there is diversity in how people work most effectively and are willing to adjust our preferences to work better together.

be a great communicator: We exhibit clear listening skills and strive for clear, concise, and frequent communication.

Maintain a positive attitude: We model honesty, integrity, and respectfulness. We want to always be polite and helpful in a professional manner.

Be a proactive problem solver: We focus on solutions; we overcome obstacles and deliver exceptional results.

Believe positive intent: We choose to assume our co-workers, customers, and partners are operating to the best of intentions.

Hold each other accountable: We do what we say we’re going to do. If something happens to prevent that, we determine the new course and communicate quickly.