Vision and mission

Our vision is to be the partner of choice for pressure management solutions, protecting lives and assets in your most critical environments.


We aim to achieve this vision through an absolute focus on safety and exceptional quality, working in partnership with you to provide the innovative, customised solutions you need to meet and exceed your operational objectives.

The following core areas support us in following our vision and mission.


As a pressure safety company operating in Halma’s Process Safety Sector, we understand the paramount importance of preventing catastrophic process failures resulting from overpressure events. Our primary focus is to provide you with pressure safety solutions that will reliably save lives and protect assets throughout your pressure vessels and pressure systems.


70 years of industry success demonstrate the quality and reliability of our products. We maintain the highest standards of safety and quality throughout our manufacturing processes, conducting rigorous burst and leak tests to give you complete confidence in our end products.


Our innovative technologies allow us to fully customise our engineering solutions to minimise risk in your pressure applications. Our in-house engineers combine specialist expertise with in-depth knowledge of pressure safety requirements. They will work with you to design tailored solutions suited to your specifications.


One of our core strengths is our ability to listen to you, understand your applications and anticipate your needs. We will design and develop our pressure safety solutions in consultation with you at every step in the process, from initial assessment and design concept through to testing and the completed product.

Finally, whatever level of performance we have achieved today, we know we must strive to improve upon it tomorrow. We constantly review our existing procedures and practices, following a process of continuous improvement to set new standards of excellence and efficiency.

If you would like to find out more about Elfab or request a quote, please contact us and a member of our Customer Service team will be in touch.