Double Disc Assembly

Double Disc Assembly

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Double Disc Holder

Excellent at preventing environmental contamination

Elfab’s double disc assembly (DDA) places two Rupture Discs in series. This offers a number of advantages within various applications such as reduction in leakage, valve protection and reduced process downtime. The DDA comprises primary and secondary bursting discs, manufactured as a combination of either forward acting rupture discs or reverse acting rupture discs to meet specific customer applications, to operate in the most arduous conditions. The key benefit of this double disc assembly is that it prevents environmental contamination in severe process conditions. Elfab are unique in being able to offer a double disc assembly that combines a mixture of a forward and reverse acting disc.

Suitable for extremely harsh operating conditions

As there is an increase in companies facing environmental concerns, the double disc assemblies are an ideal solution. In the event of a chemical attack causing pin holing of the primary discs, the secondary disc prevents pollution on the environment, while the intermediate pressure sensor alerts process managers and maintenance teams to repair the functioned disc. Depending on the customer’s application, Elfab’s double disc assemblies are available in a number of disc and holder materials from Stainless Steel to Hastelloy and Duplex in according to customers’ requests.

Double Disc offering a range of unique benefits

The double disc design opens Elfab’s product range to a wider mix of customers and process specifications. The discs are available in a wide range of sizes from 25mm with a wide burst pressure range. The Double Disc Assembly is available with Elfab’s leading Opti-Gard Rupture Disc range which features a 3% tolerance and up to 97% operating ratio.




ATEX approved detection as standard for Double Disc

The Double Disc Assembly allows both the primary and secondary bursting disc to be monitored. Elfab’s ATEX approved non-invasive detection system, Flo-Tel is available as standard for the double disc assemblies, to notify and give peace of mind when the rupture disc has functioned. The advantage been with this double disc assembly is that it can help contain any leakage through the primary disc as it will be captured by the secondary disc and notification of this will have been raised with detection system. The secondary disc provides enhanced protection in case primary disc’s service life has been reduced.

Advanced quality performance

Elfab pride themselves in offering the highest level of quality and are accredited to a number of leading industry standards. Double Disc can be manufactured to suit all internationally recognised flange standards. Elfab’s Double Disc Assemblies should not be modified or used with other manufacturer’s discs. To ensure the correct performance of a rupture disc, it must be used in its correct holder as specified by manufacturer.

When used in combination Elfab’s rupture discs and detection systems can offer industry leading SIL ratings to offer customers increased safety information. Please contact our technically trained sales engineers for more information.

• Manufactured to suit all International recognised flange standards
• Suitable with Forward, Reverse or a combination of both disc types
• Wide range of materials
• Painting or coating (PFA or tantalum) available on request
• Superior leak tightness
• Compatible with reusable detection systems Flo-Tel™ and Flo-Tel™ xd* (*Size dependent)


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