Instantaneous notification of explosion vent activation on your mobile phone

GSM-Tel combines Elfab’s traditional Vent-Tel detector with GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) technology to provide a modern and reliable burst detection wherever you are in the world.

In the event of explosion vent activation, the device will send an SMS text message alert for up to 10 users. This provides added value for extremely remote locations or where the panel is situated in hazardous areas.

The dual channel, remote monitoring system is capable of interfacing with any of our explosion vent designs, and may be supplied with an ATEX enclosure for explosive environments.

This cost-effective solution is simple to configure and easy to maintain. The battery-operated system provides power for up to two years of service. The battery can easily be changed for long-term reliability with minimal maintenance.

As a fail-safe solution, GSM-Tel not subject to false alarms, providing reliable and robust burst detection for a range of applications requiring explosion venting systems.

Key features

  • Only detection system on the market to use GSM technology
  • Compatible with all our explosion panels
  • Non-invasive to the process
  • Simple to install and set up
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Ideal for remote locations
  • Easy to upgrade existing installations
  • Requires less wiring for a cost-effective solution


Technical downloads (DET-GSM-TEL)

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Installation guide

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