Provide robust external protection for pipework and pressure relief products

Pipe covers shield and protect valve discharge piping and freely venting rupture discs from environmental damage caused by rain, snow and strong wind. They also prevent wildlife such as nesting birds and insects from inhabiting the area and preventing smooth functioning of the pressure relief device.

The tough PTFE-coated fibreglass will stand up to the harshest external environments and prevent costly damage. As a low-cost product, pipe covers therefore enable both short-term and long-term investment savings.

To retain the cover after burst we manufacture it with a built-in 6” tether rope that attaches to the pipework.

Key features

  • Protects pipework from weather and wildlife
  • Easy to install
  • PTFE-coated fiberglass material
  • Straight-cut (90°)  or angle-cut (45°), depending on requirements
  • Size range: 25mm – 1200mm





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