System Loc+ (ACC-SYL)

System Loc+ (ACC-SYL)

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Ensures correct installation of rupture disc holders without flange drilling

It is critical that rupture discs are correctly installed in between flanges and Elfab make every effort to enhance the installation process of its products. To support with ease and accuracy of this installation, Elfab’s System Loc+ ensures correct fitting of rupture disc holders without drilling flanges.

Elfab recognise that drilling flanges may invalidate warranty or cause damage so have developed a new and improved product that has no requirement or use of a drill to install System Loc+. This latest development improves ease of installation and supports with human error reduction without the risk of invalidating any flange warranty or causing costly damage.

Low-cost design offering unique safety benefits

System Loc comprises a robust carbon steel elbow bracket mounted on the inlet mating flange with a shear head bolt replacing the drilling element. Elfab’s rupture disc holder inlet has a section machined from its diameter to correspond with the elbow. This prevents potentially dangerous incorrect installation reducing safety concerns.

It can be supplied with both forward and reverse acting holders, enhancing installation process capabilities. System Loc benefits from being a low-cost, robust design suitable for multiple flange ratings, while reducing human error factors. The latest enhancement of the System Loc+ further reaffirms Elfab’s dedication to safety.

Fool proof Installation

Elfab’s System Loc is produced to suit all internationally recognised flange standards and compatible with Elfab’s full range of rupture disc holders. The System Loc+ is colour coded dependent on holder size and flange specification to ensure fool proof installation irrelevant of how many installations you have on site.

The System Loc+ simple design offers long-term safety advantages. As it remains secure to the flange for its life-time, it ensures not only improved installation in the first instance but ongoing safety following maintenance and/or rupture disc replacement.

Quality performance

Elfab pride themselves in offering the highest level of quality and are accredited to a number of leading industry standards. Elfab understand the importance of accurate rupture disc and holder installation and can offer onsite training and expertise in this area.

  • No need for flange drilling
  • Machined inlet for System Loc to ensure correct installation
  • Foolproof
  • Robust
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for multiple flange ratings
  • Low cost


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