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Vent-Tel Bust Detection

(Previously Known As Panel Flo-Tel™)

Non-invasive ATEX approved burst detection for Explosion Venting Panels

Elfab’s unique panel burst detection system gives an instantaneous signal of the panel actuation within any application.

Vent-Tel is a non-invasive, fail safe, burst detection system providing an excellent solution for identifying when an explosion panel has functioned under harsh operating conditions. Operating on a simple reed switch and magnet technology, Vent-Tel is designed to offer a practical solution for explosion vent burst detection, which can trigger a safe and rapid shut-down of the process.

Vent-Tel can be retrofitted to Elfab’s range of explosion venting panels if they do not have a burst detection system included in the first instance.

System Operation: Magnetic Burst Detection

Using a simple reed, the magnet is pulled away from the sensor in the event of a panel burst, giving an open circuit signal. This method of reed switch and magnet detection is non-invasive to the process and so is not susceptible to process change and false signals, and therefore does not affect the performance of the panel.

Elfab’s Vent-Tel system is non-invasive to the process. It is Zone 0 compatible and intrinsically safe, meeting ATEX approval and offering extremely advanced explosion protection for a range of global applications.

The system is suitable for use in process temperatures of -100°C to 200°C and is not sensitive to polarity.

  • ATEX approved to category II 1 GD EEx ia IIC EC-Type Examination Certificate ITS03 ATEX 11359.
  • Non-invasive design – Sensor is not in contact with the process medium.
  • Can be supplied integral to the vent, or retro-fitted to an existing installation.

Vent-Tel should be connected to an intrinsically safe supply that is compatible with values:

  • Ui = 30v
  • Ii = 100 mA
  • Pi = 0.75 W
  • Supplied with a 2m cable


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