Wireless Flo-Tel

Wireless Flo-Tel

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Wireless burst notification with Flo-Tel and Emerson’s Rosemount Transmitter 

Flo-Tel is an ATEX approved, non-invasive burst detection system.
Emerson’s Smart Wireless Gateway provides industry leading security, scalability and data reliability.
Wireless Flo-Tel combines the two products to offer reliable burst detection with no need for any wiring around the rupture disc.

On burst, the Flo-Tel sensor detects the change and sends a notification to the gateway within milliseconds of the rupture. Layered security ensures that the network stays protected. After rupturing, the disc is the only element that needs replacing allowing for quick start-up of process after replacement.

Wireless Flo-Tel offers the potential for significant cost-savings compared to traditional burst detection systems by removing the need for time consuming and expensive wiring, particularly in ATEX zones.

Sites already operating Emerson™ WirelessHART technology have the added benefit of being able to integrate Elfab’s rupture disc and detection solutions into their established network, further reducing costs and system complexity.

For other sites, the process of upgrading from traditional burst detectors to a wireless solution is a relatively simple and low-cost process.

Key features

  • Suitable for use in ATEX zones 0-2
  • Temperature range: -55ºC to 250ºC
  • Eliminates the need for wiring
  • Rapid notification of disc burst
  • Fail-safe solution
  • Can be integrated into existing WirelessHART networks
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