Wireless Flo-Tel™

Wireless Flo-Tel™

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Industry first WirelessHART™ burst detection system

Flo-Tel™+ is an ATEX approved, non-invasive burst detection system providing a reliable solution to notify when a rupture disc bursts. Elfab are the first rupture disc manufacturer to now offer a detection system compatible with WirelessHART™ gateways and transmitters, further enhancing the known benefits of Flo-Tel to customers’ with monitoring and control requirements.

Flo-Tel+ technology has been proven in a wide range of industry sectors with varied applications to provide a failsafe detection solution for over 20 years. By incorporating this ATEX-approved, non-invasive solution into a WirelessHART network it further enhances the benefits of this product. Wireless Flo-Tel is offering significant cost-savings over traditional burst detection systems by removing the need for time consuming and expensive wiring, in ATEX Zones.

Easily integrated into existing systems

Sites already operating Emerson™ WirelessHART technology have the added benefit of being able to integrate Elfab’s Rupture Disc and detection solutions into their established network, further reducing costs and system complexity.

Emerson’s Smart Wireless Gateway provides industry leading security, scalability and data reliability. Layered security ensures that the network stays protected and additional devices can be added at any time making the process of upgrading from traditional burst detectors to a wireless solution a relatively simple and low cost process.

Eliminate wiring costs

Incorporating Emerson’s Rosemount Transmitter to our Flo-Tel detector completely eliminates the need for wiring. On burst, the Flo-Tel sensor detects change in status of the rupture disc allowing the wireless transmitter to send a notification to the gateway within milliseconds of the change. After rupturing, the disc is the only element that needs replacing allowing for quick start-up of process after replacement. The Flo-Tel sensor and wireless transmitter are not in contact with the process medium, therefore there are no potential leak paths or potential for spurious alarms.

System operation

Elfab’s Wireless Flo-Tel is suitable for use in all levels of potentially explosive atmospheres in process temperatures ranging from -55C up to 250c. Elfab will provide assistance to determine the most suitable wireless package for your requirements dependent on process conditions and plant size.

Unique Features and Benefits

• Significant cost savings over traditional burst detectors
• Fail safe solution
• Eliminates the need for wiring
• Rapid notification of disc burst
• Can be integrated into existing WirelessHART networks
• Compatible with Elfab’s full range Flo-Tel detection systems


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