Biomass facilities such as wood processing plants, saw dust mills and sewage works often involve a hazardous mix of dust, gas and vapour. As a result, they continue to present a real explosion risk that needs effective management.

Over the last few decades there have been many explosions within the biomass industry that could have been avoided if there had been an adequate overpressure protection system in place at the time. Due to the growth in importance of Biomass safety, a full range of explosion protection solutions has now been specifically developed to safeguard this industry.

The design of a biomass system to suit potentially dangerous substances should include a pressure relief device, such as a rupture disc (bursting disc) or an explosion venting panel. As the weak point in a pressurised process, vessel or silo, the disc or panel is designed to burst at a set pressure before an explosion can occur.

Elfab’s custom manufactured range of explosion panels offer a reliable, effective pressure management solution for a wide range of biomass applications. Using its outstanding in-house manufacturing capabilities and extensive testing facilities, it now offers a range of competitively priced, certified opening explosion vents in a wide range of configurations and bolt patterns. A combination of Elfab’s unique design and manufacturing process with the ability to tailor the solution to suit your exact needs, means Elfab has become a trusted supplier within the industry.

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