Food and Beverage

Within the food-processing and beverage sectors, ensuring that the explosion protection system used is also suitable for sanitary applications is an added consideration.

Elfab’s rupture disc (bursting disc) range designed for hygienic applications maintains operational excellence within stringently sterile environments, offering the ideal solution to protect people and plant processes from potential hazards.

Elfab’s Ferrule Opti-Gard™ is an advanced reverse acting rupture disc, peripherally scored for accurate burst control. It has been designed with a smooth, uninterrupted surface finish to meet FDA approvals and provides the highest performance characteristics available on the market for hygienic and aseptic installations.

Alongside its range of rupture discs for sanitary process applications, Elfab also offers explosion venting solutions for facilities storing and handling grains and powders, which can also be at risk from explosions due to their dusty, volatile conditions.

Representing the weakest part of a silo or storage vessel handling potentially explosive materials, Elfab’s specially-designed Hygienic explosion venting panel is the most effective solution for full rapid venting within sanitary areas.
Elfab prides itself in offering the highest level of quality and is accredited to a number of leading industry standards. Its outstanding On Time Delivery performance ensures that it maintains the highest customer satisfaction levels at all times.

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