Gas and Liquid Handling

Elfab rupture discs (bursting discs) protect pipelines, tubing, coils, and associated equipment in various gas and liquid handling systems.

Dangerous substances that are not properly controlled in a pressurised situation can cause damage to infrastructure and harm to people as a result of a fire or explosion. Where there is a risk of overpressurisation like this, the disc ruptures and prevents the vessel exploding.

Unique to Elfab rupture disc plugs used in the gas and liquid handling industry is its non-Invasive burst detection system, OE-Tel. This product provides an excellent solution for identifying when a rupture disc plug functions within arduous operating conditions. As complex wiring is not required, installation costs are reduced and the system can be connected to a remote telemetry system to ensure minimal operational downtime.

In order to continually lead the field in rupture disc technology and innovation for gas and liquid handling applications, Elfab not only offers some of the most technically advanced products on the market, it also leads the way in providing excellent customer service and industry-best lead times. All Elfab manufacturing facilities and Head Office functions are located within its North Tyneside site. However, it does have several sales offices around the World, including Singapore, China, Poland and Italy and a growing network of distribution partners.

With access to many exceptional pressure management services, our skilled engineers are able to manufacture a huge number of pressure relief systems with ease. Our team of engineers have access to state-of-the-art production facilities in order to create pressure relief devices that conform to the highest international quality standards available.

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