Intermodal Containers

Industrial containers like intermodal tanks and railcars must meet the requirements of various international standards relating to the transportation of dangerous goods, which includes the installation of a suitable pressure relief device.

Elfab manufactures rupture discs (bursting discs) designed specifically for applications needing a reliable overpressure solution as protection during the transportation of liquid or gas.

Elfab’s Intermodal Container Disc (ICD) is used specifically to protect intermodal containers from the risk of explosion. The non-fragmenting, fully-lined design offers tank manufacturers high performance overpressure protection with an operating ratio of up to 90% combined with a ±5% burst tolerance. Directly installed between industry standard flange fittings, the ICD is ideal for a variety of industrial containers used for carrying gases and liquids. These discs can be used in combination with traditional safety relief valves to achieve the most cost effective explosion protection for any particular vessel.

A major benefit of the full lining to the process side of Elfab’s disc for this industry is that it prevents contact between the metal and the corrosive media, extending the life of the pressure relief system.

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