Elfab rupture discs provide a high integrity pressure relief system, preventing over pressurization and the subsequent risk of explosion in a range of medical and biomedical and research applications.

With over 30 years experience Elfab offer unique custom designed rupture discs. We work closely with our customers to fully understand all key requirements ensuring we can provide the best and most cost effective pressure relief solution for your application.

Biomedical and Research

Elfab is experienced in supplying rupture discs to the medical research and biotec industries working with some of the largest bluechip companies across the globe. The Opti-Gard™  range offers the highest prformance characteristics on the market suitable for use with liquid, gas or vapour.

  • 95% operating to burst pressure ratio
  • 3% performance tolerance
  • Supplied with ATEX approved burst detection system
  • Non-fragmenting design
  • Industry best lead-times


Elfab has an excellent proven track record of producing high quality rupture discs (bursting discs) used in a range of medical applications including MRI and NMR scanners.

The superconductivity magnets used with MRI and NMR scanners rely on the cooling capability of liquid helium in the presense of vacuum. Elfab’s rupture disc plugs provide a high integrity pressure relief solution, preventing over pressurization and the subsequent risk of explosion within the scanners where the magnet casing or seal fails resulting in a loss of vacuum causing the liquid helium to expand by 700 times due to the rise in temperature.

Elfab can develop, fully test and inspect rupture discs prior to installation, helping to reduce test schedules and assure long-term reliability.

  • High design leak integrity prevents loss of gas
  • Supplied with KF flanges for direct mounting
  • Vacuum capability
  • Low pressure capability
  • World-wide approvals and accreditations
  • Cost effective pressure release solution

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