Power Generation and Utilities

SF6 Insulated Equipment

Elfab’s SF6 insulated equipment for power industries are uniquely designed to provide high integrity pressure relief, preventing over pressurisation and the subsequent risk of explosion, in the case of an internal short circuit or an external fire. Elfab work closely with our customers to understand their needs enabling us to provide dedicated product quality products and services.

Elfab has successfully supplied the SF6 market for many years. Building a comprehensive knowledge base of this industry, Elfab have the most technically advanced rupture disc solutions to meet the diverse needs of many developing SF6 applications. The superior performance features of our rupture disc range combined with a wide choice of materials ensures the best solution for your application.

Elfab aim to provide high integrity pressure relief solutions for a wide range of SF6 insulated equipment. Elfab has over 30 years experience in supplying industrial applications to major organisations across the globe.

Offering the best solution for your application Elfab’s SF6 rupture disc range is available in a range of materials including nickel and stainless steel. With world-wide approvals and accreditation and award winning manufacturing capability Elfab can offer a design to meet your requirements.

  • Non-fragmenting design
  • Full vacuum capability
  • Range of pressures and flange sizes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Excellent leak-tightness
  • Mount directly onto equipment no holder required
  • Optional painting for corrosion protection
  • Long operational life

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