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18 Oct 2018


Non-invasive, ATEX approved burst detection

Flo-Tel+ is a magnetic burst-detection system. The sensor is fitted into a holder close to a magnet attached to the rupture disc. When the rupture disc bursts, both disc and magnet arc away from the sensor, giving an open circuit signal. As the sensor is not affected by the rupture, the disc is the only element that needs replacing. This eliminates the re-wiring costs and maintenance planning associated with other types of burst detectors.

Flo-Tel+ is non-invasive to the process, which offers significant benefits. The sensor is not in contact with the process medium, so there is no risk of corrosion, no potential leak paths, and no unwanted effects caused by downstream pressure fluctuations. Flo-Tel also eliminates false alarms associated with other detection systems.

Flo-Tel™+ must be connected to an intrinsically safe supply that is compatible with the following values:

Ui = 28v
Ii = 84mA
Pi = 0.55W
Li = 0
Ci = 0

T6 (T85ºC) (ta= -100ºC to 50ºC)
T5 (T100ºC) (ta= -100ºC to 90ºC)
T4 (T135ºC) (ta= -100ºC to 125ºC)
T3 (T200ºC) (ta= -100ºC to 190ºC)

Maximum process temperature 300°C

The detection system is ATEX approved and can thus operate in potentially explosive atmospheres with process temperatures ranging from -55°C to 300°C. The detector is available with a 2m, 5m or 10m cable, making it compatible with various site designs.