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18 Feb 2020

Elfab begins new partnership with Induchem for process industry safety products

Elfab is expanding its market reach and offering its portfolio of pressure relief solutions for process industries to a wider range of customers through a new partnership with global leader Induchem.

About Induchem

Induchem Group is an ISO 9001 registered business established in 1982. The company specialises in supporting the world’s leading process industries and is involved in major projects across the world. Through nearly four decades of experience. Induchem has earned a reputation as a reliable, responsible partner within the global process industry. Customers include major players in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries as well as providers in the energy, food and beverage, water and micro-electro sectors.

Induchem focuses on meeting their customers’ need for quality, efficiency and productivity by providing high performance solutions they can trust. Their knowledge, experience and commitment to customer care creates an unmatched service for their clients. Among Induchem Group’s suppliers, now including Elfab, are blue chip organisations who are committed to the continuous development of cutting edge, innovative products and expertise.

Advantages of partnership

The partnership with Induchem will make Elfab’s portfolio of pressure relief solutions more widely accessible, especially in the UK and Republic of Ireland. The product portfolio enhances process safety with a range of single-use bursting discs and associated tools and burst detection systems. The bursting discs vent overpressure swiftly and safely, and used alone or in combination with a pressure relief valve. Bursting discs prevent dangerous and costly damage to pressurised vessels and pipework, and protect valves, reducing the need for costly repairs. Elfab’s Flo-Tel burst detection system is non-invasive to the process, meaning it is unaffected by corrosive substances or downstream pressure fluctuations. Additionally, the re-usable detector does not need replacing after a disc has functioned, which eliminates re-wiring costs and simplifies maintenance planning.

Davi Galvao, Elfab’s Divisional Sales Manager – EMEA, said: ‘We are very much looking forward to working with Induchem Group. They are a well-known and respected partner in the industries that we operate in. Process safety is something we are passionate about, and this partnership affords a very exciting opportunity to support companies in further improving their pressure safety procedures.’