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26 Mar 2019

Elfab achieves Bronze Award for health and wellbeing at work

We have recently achieved the North East Better Health at Work Bronze Award. This is the first step in a programme of workforce health and wellbeing initatives that has already brought tangible results.

To achieve the award, we needed to meet ten Health and Safety criteria in the areas of physical health, mental health and employee wellbeing. To do this, we undertook a wide range of staff development activities, including a Physical Activity Challenge, a Healthy Eating campaign and a Weight Loss Challenge. We also provide free fresh fruit for all staff twice a month and offer healthy snack options on site.

Positive feedback from staff

Feedback from staff has been positive, with around 80% stating the campaigns have had a real impact on their health. One employee was motivated to join a slimming club, where he has so far lost over two stones. Three employees joined the cycle to work scheme following participation in the Physical Activity Challenge, and a group of colleagues are continuing to challenge themselves by tracking their activity and competing via an app.

Maxine Henry, HR Manager, commented: ‘We are proud to have achieved the North East Better Health at Work Bronze Award. There is a wealth of research that strongly links staff wellbeing and productivity, and we will be continuing our health initiatives throughout 2019 and beyond.’

Maureen Turner, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Health Improvement Specialist who supports businesses in North Tyneside to achieve the award said: ‘Elfab’s first submission on the Better Health at Work Award (BHAWA) programme was excellent. The Health Advocates are extremely proactive in initiatives forward and are passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of the workforce. I am really pleased that Elfab has achieved the bronze level of the BHAWA.’

Future health campaigns planned

Running health campaigns offers wider benefits  beyond staff wellbeing. In recognition of this, we will be continuing with further health and wellbeing initiatives, and are aiming to achieve the Better Health at Work Silver Award this year with ambitions of securing the Gold Award after that.