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3 Oct 2008

Elfab Ensures Leak Tightness Not an Issue

Elfab, Europe’s leading manufacturer of rupture discsexplosion vents and detection systems has invested in an advanced electron beam welding capability to ensure that leak-tightness is not an issue with its products.

With climate change and environmental issues becoming increasingly important to industry, it is essential for customers in sectors such as fire suppression, gas-insulated switchgear and air conditioning that the medium with which they are working does not leak into the atmosphere.

To guarantee safety in these industries, rupture discs are specified to provide a high-integrity, fail-safe pressure relief device.  Elfab leads the industry in providing an electron beam welding capability that produces the highest integrity joint possible, meeting required specifications, reducing the risk of leakage problems and preventing premature failure.  Elfab ensures all welded products are tested for leaks up to 10­-8 cc/sec.

Uniquely, this process does not inflict the same level of heat as other welding processes used in the industry.  This is essential for rupture discs because these products are highly temperature-sensitive.  The electron beam welding process enables Elfab to produce rupture discs with advanced tolerances of +- 3%.

Since the process can weld almost any metal, Elfab can custom design products to better suit its customers’ needs.  The company has built up significant experience in design for manufacture, producing a wide range of electron beam-welded units, in a variety of dimensions and configurations, to satisfy specific customer requirements.

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