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21 Ago 2008

Elfab Introduces Portable Rupture Disc Installation Aid

Elfab Europe’s leading manufacturer of rupture discsexplosion vents and associated detection systems has launched a new installation aid designed to confirm correct disc installation when fitted with the industries leading ATEX-approved detection system, Flo-TelTM+.

Designed to improve the installation process, Test-Tel is a low-cost portable tool that can eliminate the risk of poorly fitted rupture discs or wrongly wired detection. With a range of test methods, including disc status check, detection check and a battery check, Test-Tel is a first in the rupture discs industry.

Test-Tel was developed by Elfab to meet their customer’s ever demanding needs and is a product much needed in the industry where safety is the customers’ foremost concern. Simple to use, Test-Tel is proving advantageous at therupture disc installation stage ensuring a right first time approach thus saving customers expense and the cost of refitting. For maintenance managers Test-Tel ensures accurate burst control and continuous function of the devices allowing for full proof non-invasive checking of alarms.

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