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Testing and inspection
3 Oct 2008

New Testing Facility Delivers Industry Best Lead-Times and Leak Tightness

Elfab, Europe’s leading manufacturer of rupture discsexplosion vents and associated detection systems has recently invested in state-of-the-art testing and inspection facilities.  The company now guarantees accurate burst pressure combined with leading-edge leak-tightness, both vital qualities in safety-critical industries.

The new in-house sample preparation, inspection and testing lab typically enables individual disc samples to be produced in less than ten minutes, marking a further improvement on Elfab’s already industry-best lead-times.  Using specialist equipment, even the most delicate disc assembly can be analysed without the risk of inducing defects.

Elfab fully tests and inspects all rupture discs prior to installation, reducing customers’ test schedules and delivering long-term reliability.  High-end inspection and analysis software allows for detailed visual examination of rupture disc assemblies to check that no defects exist.  Using the custom-built pressure test rig, Elfab can carry out helium pressure testing of rupture disc assemblies.  Additional verification of weld quality ensures customers are supplied with leak-tight designs, where necessary providing leak tightness of 10­­ -8 cm3, making the facility unique in the rupture disc industry.

Working to the highest possible standards, Elfab protects people, plant and process in a diverse range of industries across the globe.  The company’s latest facility further addresses customers’ safety concerns, allowing for accurate quantification of life cycle under a range of conditions.

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