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3 Oct 2008

Unique Explosion Vent Ensures Bucket Elevators Meet Latest ATEX Regulations

Europe’s leading explosion vent manufacturer Elfab has introduced Lift-Gard to help users and manufacturers of bucket elevators comply with the Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX) Directive.  Solely designed for use in protecting bucket elevators, Lift-Gard is low-cost, easy-to-install and maintenance-free.

Every year damage, injury and even deat are caused by explosions in bucket elevators transporting bulk solid substances such as flour, sugar, grain and sand.  ATEX has placed controls on suppliers and users of equipment and set out essential safety features for products where there is a risk of explosion.

Lift-Gard is the only flat venting system to combine both an integral frame and a detection device, Elfab’s unique Flo-TelTM, in one unit.  Should Flo-TelTM detect an initial explosion inside the elevator shaft, it will automatically switch-off of the elevator motors, reducing both the risk of a further explosion and the risk of the elevator operating with used explosion vents.  This is a key requirement of the latest regulatory developments.

Available in a range of sizes, burst pressures and temperature ranges, Lift-Gard comes in stainless steel as standard and is available with lead times of only one week.  The venting system is supplied ready for installation, requiring just six bolts to secure its outlet frame directly onto the elevator, without the need for additional frames or any welding.

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