Explosion Vent Accessories

Explosion Vent Accessories

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Explosion Vent Accessories


In addition to the integral gasket strip built into Elfab’s explosion vents as standard to ensure a leak-tight seal, full gaskets can also be supplied on request.

Standard material Neoprene, others available on request.

Safety Frames

Elfab’s explosion vents can be mounted in customised safety frames, which are available in Stainless Steel as standard. Other materials available on request. These safety frames are available in a flat or angled configuration, or a combination of both.

Flat frames offer a low profile option at a low cost, while angled frames provide maximum rigidity and additional dome protection. The angled frames are easy for end-users to fabricate to their structures and offer ease of access to fasteners holding the panel in place. A combined frame profile allows customers to select the most appropriate configuration for their installation.

All Elfab safety frames can either be bolted or welded on to the vessel being protected to secure the explosion vent into place.

Forming an important part of the explosion vent installation, Elfab safety frames ensure the panel performs as intended and should not be used with any other manufacturer’s explosion vent.


Temperature Adaptors and Insulation Layers

Elfab can enhance the temperature capabilities of its explosion vent designs for applications where processes are running at a specific temperature, or would be affected by temperature changes external to the vessel.

Insulation can be external to the panel or built in to the vent construction itself. Options include temperature adapters, aluminium-wrapped flock, or integral insulation layers. Speak to an engineer about your specific temperature conditions.

Dust / Waterproof cover

Elfab can supply an optional protective cover for its explosion vents to offer additional resistance against the ingress of dust or water.

This extra layer minimises the chances of potential damage caused to the vent as a result of being installed within dust environments or where it may be subjected to adverse weather conditions.

This lightweight cover does not affect the performance of the explosion vent.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to an Elfab Sales Engineer, contact us today!

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