Ribbed explosion vents

Ribbed explosion vents

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Economical space-saving Ribbed Explosion Panel

Economical space-saving explosion panel for low to medium vacuum applications

The robust construction of Elfab’s ribbed explosion vent ensures operational excellence for low to medium levels of vacuum. The ribbed design enhances the strength of the low profile, space-saving design and reduces torque sensitivity. This makes the explosion panel one of the most economic and efficient designs on the market.

The ribbed explosion vent can withstand up to 40% of the minimum burst pressure, making it highly suitable for applications such as silos and bucket elevators.

To provide the greatest possible flexibility, Elfab offers this explosion panel in custom sizes with either a square or rectangular shape and a wide range of bolt pattern configurations. The vent is compatible with our ATEX-approved burst detection system, Vent-Tel, which was specifically designed for use with explosion panels.

Ribbed explosion vents that were initially installed without a burst detection system can be retrofitted with Vent-Tel.

Key features

  • Withstands low levels of vacuum without additional support
  • Ribbed construction ensures robust, reliable performance
  • Fail-safe rapid full venting
  • Low installation costs
  • Zero maintenance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Dust tight seal


Technical downloads (VNT RSF)

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