Our biopharmaceutical pressure relief portfolio includes solutions for the whole spectrum of pressure ranges in bioprocesses.

Biopharmaceutical solutions

The high risk of contamination in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process and the operational challenges that this complexity presents drives the need for equipment specifically designed for the unique environment.

Our biopharmaceutical pressure relief portfolio includes our new solution Pure-Gard, an innovative, sanitary pressure relief solution specifically designed for applications where cleanability is of paramount importance.

Read our dedicated Pure-Gard brochure to learn about benefits this solution brings and access the technical specifications.

Sanitary burst detection

Elfab’s rupture discs are compatible with our non-invasive, reusable Flo-Tel detection system. As the detector does not come into contact with your process media, it is unaffected by downstream pressure fluctuations and so eliminates the risk of spurious alarms.

Our sanitary Flo-Tel detection system is designed for use with sanitary tri-clamps, NA Connect and other sanitary connections. It offers all the benefits of Flo-Tel with the added advantage of being compatible with the cleanability standards required in biopharmaceutical process equipment.

Read more about our pressure relief solutions for the pharmaceutical industry in our pharmaceutical brochure.

We also offer pressure relief solutions for specialised process requirements. Please contact us for more details on these customised solutions.