Gas and Liquid Handling

Elfab rupture discs (bursting discs) protect pipelines, tubing, coils, and associated equipment in many types of gas and liquid handling systems.

Fire, damage to infrastructure, injury to people and uncontrolled leakage of dangerous substances. These are just some of the catastrophic results of overpressurisation in gas and liquid handling systems.

Our rupture disc plugs are simple to install and effective in preventing disastrous overpressurisation. Combined with our non-invasive OEM burst detection system, OE-Tel, you can easily identify when and where a rupture disc bursts.

OE-Tel has no need for complex wiring, which reduces installation costs. In addition, it connects to a remote telemetry system to ensure minimal operational downtime after a pressure event.

Contact your local Elfab representative to discuss the pressure requirements of your gas and liquid handling system.