Storage and Distribution

Vessels for storing and transporting gases and liquids can often experience changing pressure and vacuum conditions. Elfab offers a range of rupture discs (bursting discs) to protect against overpressurisation.

The storage and distribution of bulk materials produces dusty conditions. In pressurised vessels, these conditions can lead to destructive explosions. We design our explosion vents to open at pre-determined burst pressures as a way of mitigating the severity of these explosions. The specific characteristics and construction of our explosion vent range ensure operational excellence even in demanding conditions.

Every explosion vent offers the option of fitting an integral burst detection system. This provides instantaneous notification of a pressure event. Our unique, ATEX-approved burst detection system is called Vent-Tel. We have designed it specifically to enhance onsite safety for our customers. When connected to an intrinsically safe circuit, the ExII 1GD EEx ia IIC detection device ensures a safe and compliant plant that meets the demanding regulations for storage and distribution applications.

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