Food and Pharmaceutical

Providing protection for your people and safeguarding your critical processes and equipment, our pressure relief solutions are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Elfab Expertise

With extensive experience in providing solutions to optimise
pharmaceutical manufacturing, we understand the rigorous demands
which need to be met to help you achieve and exceed your operational
reliability and efficiency goals.


Our innovative technologies include state of the art pressure
management solutions for a variety of applications and a wide
range of process conditions in both pharmaceutical and
biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Partnership approach

Through our partnership approach we will work with you to introduce
solutions to drive efficiencies and reduce cost of ownership, engaging
with you at either group or individual plant level, depending on the
requirements of your organisation.

Safety First

We understand the paramount importance of preventing catastrophic
process failures resulting from an overpressure event which could lead
to injury or damage to plant equipment. Our primary focus is to provide
you with the highest quality solution and by alleviating potentially
dangerous pressure build-up we ensure your processes are safe.

Pharmaceutical solutions

Our pharmaceutical portfolio is designed to protect a variety of processes and critical equipment such as reactors, pumps, heat exchangers and other processing equipment.

Opti-Gard is a full metal, reverse acting rupture disc delivering unparalleled fatigue resistance and longevity. Our low pressure solutions include Opti-Gard SoLo and Milli-Gard (for ultra-low pressures).

Read more about our pressure relief solutions for the pharmaceutical industry in our pharmaceutical brochure.

We also offer pressure relief solutions for specialised process requirements. Please contact us for more details on these customised solutions.