Fuel Cells

Hydrogen gas is not an energy-dense fuel, so it can be difficult to store enough gas to power a fuel cell equipped car over a practical range. However storing hydrogen in liquid form, increases its density but involves dealing with extremely low temperatures and high pressures.

Rupture discs are therefore specified to provide a high integrity, fail-safe, pressure relief device. The relieving capacity of the device should be sufficient to prevent system pressure raising 10% above the max allowable operating pressure.


Because of its clean burning properties automotive manufacturers have developed vehicles to run on natural gas. Natural gas has a lower energy density and in order to provide the range equivalent for a conventionally powered vehicle the gas must be compressed and stored in pressurised tanks up to 3600psig. Elfab’s unique rupture disc range ensures risk of over pressurisation in such tanks, combining all the properties essential for leak tight maintenance free applications.

Elfab have been working with the transportation and automotive industry for many years producing a wide range of rupture disc types for numerous safety critical applications. To reduce the risk of explosions Elfab offer cost effective solutions with a unique design for manufacture approach. Our Customised Product rupture discs are specified to provide high integrity, fail-safe, pressure relief.

To comply with strict automotive and endurance standards Elfab can offer state-of-the-art testing and inspection of the rupture discs before delivery. This can help reduce test schedules and assure long-term reliability. Elfab will work closely to fully understand all key requirements to ensure we provide the best and most cost effective pressure relief solution.

  • Excellent operational performance
  • Leak tight electron beam welded designs
  • Maintenance free
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Fail safe performance
  • Full testing