Bulk Handling

Bulk handling of gases, liquids, powders and solids often involves using a pressurised system. Elfab’s pressure relief solutions protect bulk processing plant such as pipelines, tubing, coils, silos, bucket elevators, saw dust mills, sewage works and wood processing plants.


Fire, damage to infrastructure, injury to people and uncontrolled leakage of dangerous substances. These are just some of the catastrophic results of overpressurisation in liquid handling systems.

Our rupture disc plugs mitigate the risk of these catastrophic events by instantly releasing overpressure. They are simple to install and are designed to work with our OEM burst detection system, OE-Tel. The OE-Tel system has no need for complex wiring, which reduces installation costs. In addition, it connects to a remote telemetry system to ensure minimal operational downtime after a pressure event.


The storage and bulk handling of grain and powders produces dusty conditions. In pressurised vessels, these conditions can lead to destructive explosions. Elfab’s explosion panels mitigate the severity of these explosions by bursting at a pre-determined pressure and venting powders and solids in a controlled and safe manner.

Elfab’s fully opening and non-fragmenting explosion panels are available in single and multi-layer constructions for both flat and domed panels. We manufacture panels in a range of shapes and sizes, including irregular shapes. The specific characteristics and construction of our explosion vent range ensure operational excellence even in demanding conditions.


Biomass facilities such as wood processing plants, saw dust mills and sewage works often involve a hazardous mix of dust, gas and vapour. As a result, they present a real explosion risk that needs effective management.

The design of a biomass system should therefore include a pressure relief device, such as a rupture disc (bursting disc) or an explosion venting panel. As the weak point in a pressurised process, vessel or silo, the disc or panel is designed to burst at a set pressure before an explosion can occur.

Elfab has developed a full range of explosion protection solutions specifically to safeguard biomass systems. We offer a range of reliable, certified opening explosion vents in a wide range of configurations and bolt patterns. This, combined with our ability to tailor the solution to your exact needs, means Elfab has become a trusted supplier within the industry.

Burst detection

Every explosion panel is compatible with our integral burst detection system, Vent-Tel. This unique, ATEX-approved burst detection system enhances onsite safety. Vent-Tel guarantees fail-safe detection and minimises the risk of false alarms. Additionally, when connected to an intrinsically safe circuit, the ExII 1GD EEx ia IIC detection device ensures a safe and compliant plant that meets the demanding regulations for storage and distribution applications.

Our explosion vents for solids and bulk handling offer:

  • A range of sizes, burst pressures and temperature ranges
  • Vacuum and back pressure capability
  • Low installation costs with a maintenance-free design
  • ATEX approved detection device 11 1GD EEx ia IIC
  • Non-fragmenting designs
  • Fail-safe rapid full venting

We have over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing bespoke explosion panels and bursting disc plugs, so please contact our customer service team to discuss your particular requirements.