Rupture discs for Gas Insulated Systems (GIS)

With the voltage levels involved in switchgear, bus systems and other gas-insulated systems (GIS), it is imperative to minimse the risk of an arc event.

The gases used to insulate switchgear and other power generation or transformation units are most effective when compressed. They are therefore kept under high pressure. Should the pressure drop, arcing can occur, leading to potentially devastating fires and explosions.

Elfab’s OE9 rupture discs for GIS and other systems follow a unique design to provide high-integrity pressure relief. They combine superior performance features such as superior leak-tightness with a wide choice of materials, including stainless steel and nickel. The flexibility we offer allows us to tailor our discs to your specific power generation application.

With world-wide approvals and accreditation, our rupture discs offer the following features:

  • Non-fragmenting design
  • Full vacuum capability
  • Range of pressures and flange sizes
  • Range of materials
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Excellent leak-tightness
  • Long operational life
  • Holderless design: mount the disc directly onto your equipment
  • Optional painting for corrosion protection

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