Science and medical

Elfab's rupture discs work in components to prevent overpressurisation and the subsequent risk of explosion in a range of medical and biomedical and research applications.

With over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing customised rupture discs, our range offers the highest performance characteristics on the market for medical applications.

For example, the superconductive magnets used in MRI and NMR scanners rely on the cooling capability of liquid helium in the presence of vacuum. Should the magnet casing or seal fail, the resulting loss of vacuum can cause the helium to expand by 700 times due to the rise in temperature, leading to a significant risk of explosion.

Elfab’s rupture disc plugs provide a high-integrity pressure relief solution to prevent explosions such as these.

We work closely with our customers to tailor our products to meet your specific application’s requirements. Elfab fully tests and inspects rupture discs prior to installation. Benefits for the medical, biomedical and research industries include:

  • High design leak integrity prevents loss of gas
  • Discs are supplied with KF flanges for direct mounting
  • Vacuum capability
  • Low pressure capability
  • World-wide approvals and accreditations