Process Industries

Protect people and plant from exposure to toxic chemicals during an overpressure event. Our rupture discs in corrosion resistant materials are ideal for use in the chemical industry. Versatile and durable, they work well in the arduous conditions of applications such as heat exchangers and chemical reactors.

Elfab manufactures a wide range of rupture discs (bursting discs) for applications in the chemical industry. Our rupture discs in corrosion resistant materials have been of particular benefit to customers where the exposure to various gases and liquids is of particular concern.

Our reverse acting rupture disc Opti-Gard™ is ideal for chemical processing applications such as chemical reactors and heat exchangers. It is versatile, suitable for use in liquid, gas and vapour, and designed to withstand arduous chemical process conditions.

To meet the demanding nature of the chemical processing industry we are committed to quality and to providing customers with the most relevant and technically superior products. We pride ourselves on our high standard of manufacturing and reliability.

We are constantly developing our product range to meet changing customer demands and strengthen our pressure intelligence brand in this sector.

Download our Disc Selection Guide showing the complete range of Elfab and Oseco rupture discs for chemical process industries.