Vac-Gard / Posi-Gard (VGD/PGD)

Vac-Gard / Posi-Gard (VGD/PGD)

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Vac-Gard / Posi-Gard Ultra low reverse acting disc



両方の製品は非寸断の開口部を提供し、またそのモジュール コンテンツの結果、広範囲な非標準的仕様やアプリケーションを満たすことができます。


  • 超低圧に最適
  • ガスまたは蒸気に最適
  • 最大60%までの稼働率
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Size Range 50mm to 300mm (2” to 12”)
Burst Pressure Range 5 mbarg to 500 mbarg (0.07 Psig to 7.25 Psig)
Temperature Range See our website for details
Maximum Operating Ratio 60% of minimum burst pressure (45% of nominal burst pressure)
Fragmentation on Burst None fragmenting design
Relief Valve Isolation Suitable
Vacuum Service PG full vacuum. VG 1 bar g back pressure
Fluid Compatibility Gas or Vapour
KR Values N/A
Torque Sensitive No
Cycle Life Good
Material Range Stainless Steel as Standard. Others available
Reversal Ratio N/A With Standard Holder
Damage Ratio <1 Fail Safe
Leak Tightness Good
Performance Tolerance +/- 25% (zero manufacturing design range)
Protective Linings N/A
Disc Surface Finish N/A