Extruder Rupture Disc

Extruder Rupture Disc

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Leak-tight overpressure protection for extrusion processes

The Extruder Rupture Disc (ERD) is a high-performance pressure relief device primarily designed for overpressure protection of the plastic extrusion process.

Each ERD device consists of a threaded body with a conventional rupture disc welded to the end. The disc sits flush with the extruder’s pressure vessel wall, which prevents potentially damaging product build-up.

Every ERD application is different, so we offer this component with different combinations of dimensions, thread types and body configurations.

We understand the need for tight process management and leak control. We therefore manufacture every ERD device using our advanced electron-beam welding capability. This allows us to supply devices with leak rates as low as 10-8 cc/sec.

Key features

  • Excellent leak-tightness
  • Cost-effective, maintenance-free designs
  • Wide combination of component types
  • Custom engineered designs available


Technical downloads (ERD)

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