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The OE5 rupture disc assembly combines a scored rupture disc that is Electron Beam Welded directly onto the end of a plug assembly, benefiting from superior leak tightness.

The use of Electron Beam Welding ensures that leak tightness is not an issue for applications where it is essential that process medium is not vented into the atmosphere. It produces the highest integrity possible and also reduces the risk of premature failure.

OE5 is available as standard with various inlet and outlet thread connections for ease of installation into carrying safety critical applications. The design combines a stainless steel body as standard with a stainless steel or nickel disc.

Leak tight design, used in a wide variety of process applications

OE5 is used in a wide variety of applications and industries such as aerospace and defence, oil and gas and industrial engineering.

The OE5 rupture disc assemblies provide exceptional 10-8 cc/sec leak tightness, excellent operational performance and are simple to install with zero maintenance required.

Elfab’s expertise in OEM solutions ensures a wide range of products are available to meet varying customer demands. OE5 assemblies are an obvious solution for applications requiring tight process management and leakage control.
Elfab has a proven trade record in developing technically advanced designs supplying its OE5 assembly to some of the largest organisations in its sector.

OE5 offers a unique range of benefits

– Electron Beam Welded on end of plug
– Electron beam welded with a leak rate of 1×10-8 cc/sec
– Zero maintenance
– Non-fragmenting designs available

To view technical specifications for standard product, see product downloads. Alternatively, refer to our customised products OEM page or contact your sales engineer for alternative configurations.

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Standard Part Code Disc Sizes* 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm
Standard Thread Sizes available* 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″
Standard Inlet Thread types available * NPT, BSPT, or BSPP (Male + Others)
Standard Outlet Thread types available* Baffle or Through
Standard Burst Pressure Range 20barg – 1034barg (290psig – 15,000psig)
Standard Temperature Range -70C – 400C (-94F – +752F)
Maximum Operating Ratio 85% of minimum burst pressure (2.5barg – 200barg)

(Forward Acting)

Performance Tolerance +/- 5% (Forward Acting Disc)
Leak Rate Electron Beam Welded 1×10-8 mbar.l/sec
Vacuum Service Yes
Fluid Compatibility Gas, Vapour (Liquid – Forward Disc Only)
Tamper proof Yes
Disc Type Forward Acting Disc
Disc Material* Nickel, Stainless Steel
Fragmentation May Fragment depending on design
Disc Connection to Body OE5 Disc Electron Beam Welded on end of plug

(* Others available on request)