Excess Flow Valve

Excess Flow Valve

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Excess Flow Valve

Prevents pressure build up in the interspace between relief devices

Excess flow valves are designed for use with double rupture disc or rupture disc and relief valve combinations. Elfab’s excess flow valves provide the essential facility for preventing unacceptable build-up of pressure in the space between the safety valve and the rupture disc.

As rupture discs are pressure differential devices, it is essential to prevent pressure build-up in the interspace between relief devices.

Excess Flow Valve offers essential protection

Elfab’s Excess Flow Valve provides essential safety protection and comprises a rapid shut off feature. The valve closes when exposed to a high flow rate, as occurs when a rupture disc bursts. This will prevent the unacceptable build-up of pressure, offering safety protection in many process applications.




Robust construction for arduous conditions 

Elfab’s Excess Flow Valves are available in 1/4” or ½“ connection and are compatible with various pressure gauge options. Supplied in Stainless Steel as standard making it suitable for a wide range of applications in arduous operating conditions.

Leading the industry in advanced quality

Elfab understands safety is a foremost concern within every industry. As a global pressure relief organisation, Elfab are renowned for their worldwide approvals and accreditations.

  • Prevents pressure build-up
  • Offers essential safety protection
  • Robust Stainless Steel construction
  • Rapid shut off
  • Pressure gauges are sold separately
  • Tell-Tale pressure gauges are also available.
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