Produkcja i automatyka

Production Facilities

Thanks to our state-of-the-art production facilities, Elfab is able to manufacture products to the highest possible criterion time after time. As a result, we can produce our rupture discs, explosion vents and other pressure relief systems to the highest possible international quality standards.

Automation Processes

In order to continually lead the field in rupture disc technology and innovation, Elfab has also invested significantly in exclusive automation processes and high-end machining capabilities. In house laser cutting and industry-leading electron beam welding facilities allow us to offer products of the highest possible integrity.

Customer Support

Elfab has adopted a streamlined customer support system resulting in the shortest lead times in the industry. We trade directly with customers across Western Europe and deal through an agent network in over 30 countries. Elfab’s multilingual customer support representatives are fluent in all the major European languages including Russian and Polish. Our technical information centre in Singapore is able to deal with enquires directly from Asia-Pacific.

Elfab understands that safety is our customer’s foremost concern. Our intelligent telecommunications system is able to forward calls directly to the customer support representative fluent in the language of the caller ensuring that no details get lost in translation. Elfab’s electronic document management and quotation systems enable us to complete quotations online and accept electronic orders directly from our customers. Working hours that are tailored to that of the transport infrastructure ensures that product leaves the factory each day and arrives in mainland Europe the next and the rest of the world within 5 days.

Whether the requirement is for a complex one-off unit or a standard design, these sophisticated processes ensure we meet the exact specifications of our customers.