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21 Aug 2017

Pressure Relief Experts widen its Tank Protection Range

Elfab Limited are market leaders in manufacturing a wide range of pressure relief devices including rupture discs and explosion vents, as well as its recently introduced; tank protection product lines.

Since expanding its offering a year ago to introduce flame arresters and breather valves, Elfab are delighted to announce additional solutions to its tank protection range including emergency vents and gauge hatches.

With over 70 years’ experience in providing innovative engineering solutions, Elfab understand the growing demand for tank protection requirements and the benefits of offering both pressure relief solutions as well as simplifying the procurement process for its customers.

Elfab are continuously striving to provide technically superior pressure relief products to combat issues such as tank deformation and fire-heat overpressure. Dependent on individual requirements, Elfab will work with its customers to understand the application to provide the most efficient solution for the process. Customers can source a combined offering of pressure relief products from one supplier, simplifying the buyer process greatly. Elfab will continue to offer industry best lead-times, irrespective of location.