Stock Rationalisation

Reduce stock holdings by up to 65% while reducing long-term costs

Elfab have over 15 years’ experience in supporting its global customer base with standardising current stock holdings of rupture discs to help improve productivity and reduce overall expenditure. Stock rationalisation programmes are being adopted by many process plants who recognise the need for increased efficiency, reduced stock holdings and improved purchase costs.

Generally, rupture disc specifications are for new projects by different departments within an organisation, or by external contractors. As a result, identical or very similar specifications are created without reference to existing records or stock. This can result in higher inventory, which can be difficult to manage for even the most efficient purchasing departments.

Alternatively, stock variation can increase overtime due to very small differences in process conditions. This has resulted in plants holding an unnecessarily large variation of rupture discs on site. The risk of human error therefore increases as well as the complexity of stocking a large range of burst pressures and temperatures within disc specifications.

By conducting a simple site survey, Elfab can help to document all rupture disc variations and make recommendations on how stock can be rationalised. In many cases this inventory can be reduced by up to 65% while significantly reducing overall long-term spend.

How does the Stock Rationalisation programme work?

Elfab have been offering its stock rationalisation programme to global manufacturers and blue-chip organisations across the globe. The programme works by undertaking a full site survey looking carefully at the differences in process conditions and the amount of rupture disc variations on site to see whether a smaller variation of ruptures discs is applicable or required. Industry leading Opti-Gard™ rupture disc is Elfab’s most advanced design, offering a 3% tolerance combined with 97% operating ratio. Opti-Gard acts as a single disc solution across a range of demanding process conditions in aid of improving rationalisation and sustainability. This disc also has the additional ability to withstand full vacuum without additional support, eliminating the need to re-order outdated type discs that require additional support, further reducing costs.

Process Plants are coming under more commercial pressure to meet supplier demand. Saving costs wherever possible is becoming an even more crucial part in the day to day running of an organisation. Elfab offer ongoing support to its customers and an efficient onsite survey analysis with recommendations on how to reduce spending and standardise materials.

Out with traditional rupture discs, in with new technology

For some plants, problems have risen due to the large array of rupture discs on site which are now unnecessary. By upgrading to Elfab’s industry leading Opti-Gard™, customers have the potential to eliminate up to 65% of rupture disc variations and reduce cost and stock holding significantly.

Reducing the amount of rupture discs on site means that organisations can benefit from reduced costs through minimized stock holdings, advanced technological abilities, benefiting from utmost safety in situ and quicker installation process; saving overall production downtime.

Benefits of Rationalisation

• Improve stock levels & control
• Reduce cost and variation
• Latest technological advancements
• Reduce spare holding
• Procurement procedure programme
• Technical training & maintenance programme
• Standardisation of burst pressure and materials, including further installations
• Reduce waste and obsolescence
• Reduce replacement cycle and procurement costs
• Reduce overall spend

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