Test & Inspection

Standout product testing & inspection for long-term reliability

Elfab understands safety is a foremost concern within every industry. This is why thorough product testing and inspection procedures are carried out on all of our equipment within our state-of-the-art production facilities.

By fully testing and inspecting all of our equipment prior to installation, we can help to reduce the test schedules our customers have to perform once they receive the product, as well as assure long-term reliability across our entire range.

Also take note that we have a unique  Lloyds Registered Cycle Testing Rig, computerised micro-section capability and a complete selection of state-of-the-art pressure test rigs. All of this allows us to develop test programmes specific to each customer’s unique working conditions.

Other features that we apply when testing & inspecting products include:

•    The use of hi-tech digital pressure gauges.
•    Temperature testing from -80ºC to 600ºC.
•    Internal calibration standards traceable to National Standards.
•    Leak testing procedures.
•    Surface finish measurement.
•    Access to digital imagining and linear measurement facilities.
•    The performance of micro examination and weld depth checks.

Find out more about our product testing and inspection operations by getting in touch with our expert engineers now.