Opti-Gard Ferrule SoLo

Opti-Gard Ferrule SoLo

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Opti-Gard Ferrule SoLo

Innovative solution for low pressure aseptic and hygienic applications

Opti-Gard Ferrule SoLo provides the highest performance characteristics available where low burst pressures are required within a sanitary environment.

The disc features a smooth metal surface and an FDA certified seal to ensure compatibility with CIP and SIP requirements.

Designed for installation between ferrules, tri-clamps and NA-connect*, Opti-Gard Ferrule SoLo is ideal for applications in the food and beverage sector as well as the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Opti-Gard Ferrule SoLo is unique in being the only hygienic disc in the industry compatible with Elfab’s non-invasive, ATEX-approved burst detection system Flo-Tel.

We have tested the disc to over 100,000 pressure vacuum cycles, so are confident it also offers the highest life-cycle capability of any aseptic rupture disc on the market.

Key features

  • Designed for aseptic, low pressure applications
  • Ideal for CIP/ SIP applications
  • Only hygienic rupture disc supplied with Flo-Tel burst detection as standard
  • Industry-best 3% tolerance and 95% operating ratio
  • Non-fragmenting design
  • Suitable for use with tri-clamps, ferrules and NA-connect*


Technical downloads (DSC OFS)

Technical information
Installation guide


*NA-connect is a registered trademark of NovAseptic America Inc.

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