Opti-Gard High-Strength Magnet

Opti-Gard High-Strength Magnet

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Opti-Gard High Strength Magnet for use with Duplex Holders

High-performance rupture disc for use with duplex holders

Opti-Gard (High-Strength Magnet) is a technically advanced reverse-acting rupture disc specifically designed for use with 22cr and 25cr  duplex holders.

The high-strength magnet means you can still use our unique, non-invasive burst detection systems Flo-Tel and Flo-Tel XD.

Standard rupture discs will not allow this, as the duplex stainless steel is magnetic and prevents the detector from functioning correctly. Elfab’s specially developed high-strength magnet overcomes this problem and enables accurate signalling up to 140°C.

Key features

  • For use with 22cr and 25cr duplex holders
  • High-strength magnet ensures compatibility with Flo-Tel and Flo-Tel XD up to 140°C
  • Industry-leading 3% tolerance
  • Manufactured to ISO4126 or ASME VIII (UD stamp available)
  • Up to 97% operating ratio possible
  • Optional fluoropolymer liner on the process and/or vacuum side
  • Withstands full vacuum and high levels of back pressure without additional vacuum support. This ensures maximum free-flow area on burst


Technical downloads (DSC OPM)

Technical information
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