Opti-Gard™ NA

Opti-Gard™ NA

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Advanced Sanitary Rupture Disc range suitable for use with NA-Connect®

Elfab’s reverse acting Opti-Gard range is designed with a smooth, uninterrupted surface finish to meet FDA approvals when used in hygienic applications. It is now available to fit within the most sanitary clamping design in the industry, NovAseptic Connectors, which is an alternative to tri-clamps dependent on particular application requirements. Ideal for CIP and SIP applications, Elfab’s leading Opti-Gard™ range can now be installed in an NA-Connect installation, helping to overcome common challenges associated in aseptic processing. NovAseptic connectors can be used to simplify connection of safety critical devices, such as rupture discs, to the pressure containing vessel. This easy maintenance, flush-mount design can radically reduce contamination build-up compared with alternative solutions.

Elfab’s leading, 3% tolerance, Opti-Gard range is widely available in various sizes and burst pressures. Manufactured in Stainless Steel or Hastelloy as standard, Opti-Gard NA allows installation of the rupture disc directly against the wall of the vessel to offer significant advantages over alternative solutions.

Unique Burst Detection in Aseptic applications

For those applications where hygiene and contamination is a pressing concern such as; biotech, food and sterile applications, Elfab’s technically advanced sanitary rupture disc range is designed to offer the most hygienic solution. When installed within the NA-Connect design, the disc will directly sit flush with the vessel wall, allowing for further cleanliness and sterilisation, and free of potential dead leg. Furthermore, this is the only rupture disc solution to combine NovAsceptic fittings with a non-invasive burst detector, ensuring instantaneous notification of disc burst without direct contact to the process. Flo-Tel burst detection is the only ATEX-approved, non-invasive, reusable burst detector compatible with rupture discs for aseptic processing.

Quality performance

Elfab’s sanitary rupture disc range has a FDA certificated seal making this bursting disc an excellent choice for a wide range of hygienic applications. Elfab pride themselves in offering the highest level of quality and are accredited to a number of leading industry standards across the globe.

Key Benefits

• Most hygienic rupture disc solution
• Compatible with Flo-Tel detection
• Non-fragmenting design
• Flush-mount design
• Available in a wide size range
• Industry best 3% tolerance
• Suitable for CIP/SIP applications


*NA-Connect is a registered trademark of NovAseptic American Inc.


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